My goal as an artist is to arrest nature’s motion, involving viewers as deeply as I can. As I make my artwork, I leave behind traces of feelings associated with my experience of each scene; sharing my vision of beauty and grace expressed through color and form.

The experiences of life that I find to be of greatest value are those that rest in the basic and seemingly simplistic. Garden fragrances, nature's color and form, all outweigh for me the more contrived and materialistic of our life today.  I paint the landscapes, the feelings and the experiences that they create for me; the perceptions and sensations that collect as a result of a day at the shore, or under the shade of a live oak, or during weeks spent serving a residency at a National Park.  If these sensations communicate with the viewer through my work, their connection and purpose are complete.


- Patricia Rottino Cummins


cell: 305 310 5440 


Uploaded on Jul 14, 2011 Visitamos dos diferentes exposiciones de arte en Coral Gables durante la Noche de Galería. La primera exposición es en Cernuda Arte, una galería especializada en arte cubano y concluimos nuestro recorrido en el Museo de Coral Gables con una exposición por Patricia Cummins. Published on Feb 25, 2016 The U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, is hosting a special art exhibit that showcases the diversity of American plant life. See Pat's painting at 1:00 in the video. This is 5-minute overview of The Fairchild Challenge interdisciplinary environmental education program at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. My students made masks featured at 2:32 in the video. Published on Sep 10, 2013 Environmental Artists and West Indian Manatee Tagging. Presented by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Everglades National Park and The US Environmental Protection Agency. Video features Pat's painting at 6:50.